Wild Times…

Wild Times…

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my website, I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

Exciting news! My debut novel, Wild Women, is now on sale, new non-fiction book The Witch’s Journey is available now and Living Witchcraft will launch shortly. I am working hard on Midnight Magic, the second novel, and a new non-fiction on the magical uses dolls and poppets. New events and workshops  are now in the calendar.

[ Sorry, I don’t have any copies of this in stock at the moment, but it can be ordered direct from The Children of Artemis – see the link below ]

Wild Women is something I wrote primarily because there was very little else like it available – I had been reading a lot of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and supernatural thrillers but soon got fed up with the similarities between them all. The protagonists are almost always 18-25, find out they are a witch or that vampires are real, fall into a love/hate relationship with an alpha werewolf or head vampire and join some secret organisation to keep the paranormal underworld under control and stop mortals from finding out the truth. If done well, I enjoy this kind of book but I wanted something without the wand-waving witches, without the sparkly vampires and shady underworld clubs run by were-shifters. Where is all the fiction about real witches? Where are the books for and about people like me, who practice earthy, natural pagan magic combined with living a fairly ordinary life? I went searching and found very few examples of the type of fiction I wanted to read and I knew I was not the only one looking for it. Well, if there are so few books featuring realistic witches battling real life problems, it leaves the door open for authors like me to pioneer and showcase this new genre of pagan fiction. I made a start with a short story which grew into a novel and the result was Wild Women.

I’d been writing articles for Witchcraft & Wicca magazine for some time and although they are not a publisher, I sent a ten page proposal and outline of the book to Children of Artemis persuading them that becoming a publisher would be a good idea. Fortunately, they thought so too and Dave and Cath put their hearts and souls into producing the book and launching it at Witchfest International 2017. I am thrilled with the results, an excellent quality book with genuine witches as the main characters that has an appeal far wider than the pagan community. There are going to be a minimum of three books in this series, the second, Midnight Magic, is already underway. Thank you so much to Children of Artemis!

The Witch’s Journey and Living Witchcraft are due out soon through Thoth Publications and I’m totally in love with the covers of each (and the content, naturally). The Witch’s Journey follows on from my first book, The Witching Path, taking the reader on deeper journey work, connecting to the seasons, the deities, rituals and magic of witchcraft. Living Witchcraft is year in the life of a real witch, a narrative non-fiction revealing what witches really do in their every day lives, how we deal with disasters and family issues, how we fit magic and ritual into the little things in life and there are recipes, rituals and crafts and a song for each season included.

Current projects include a book on dolls and poppet magic which I’m writing for Wolfenhowle Press along with Midnight Magic. After that, I may review a pagan children’s novel I wrote for my own daughter and I’m thinking about writing a book on independent witchcraft – I’ve moved on a little now myself and joined an initiatory tradition but there are hundreds of people who struggle to find such groups and I spent getting on for thirty years developing my own practice and when I do public speaking now it’s the one thing people always ask about. Plans are on hold for a sequel to Half Past Nine but I’m desperate to get back to that so watch this space!

Things have been hectic this year with new contracts for books, pagan camps aplenty and happy times with good friends and family. The Hodgkinson garden is looking beautiful even this late in the autumn, with bright red poppies and pink cosmos still blooming every day and a collection of pumpkins almost ready for Samhain. I still work full-time and my coven and personal practice, combined with writing and having some kind of family and social life means things are very busy and I’m lucky to have such good people around to keep me grounded.

Witchfest was well attended this year and the speakers, music, staff and crew were all top quality as always. Unfortunately, due to financial pressures, there won’t be a Witchfest International next year – so if we want these vital community events to keep going we need to support them. Witchfest and other pagan conferences, camps and events, are almost always run and funded entirely by volunteers. To support the Children of Artemis, you can send a donation or visit the shop for all your pagan shopping.

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