Imbolc – Rejuventation!

Imbolc – Rejuventation!

   Wake from the slumberImbolc Frost of winter, shuck off the darkness and come back to life with the rest of nature. We see so many signs of life all around us: from the shoots sprouting on my Japanese Maple to the lighter mornings that make getting up for work a little brighter and better each day.

The chilling cold air and frost-laden ground of early spring herald the revival of life and with it, our own lives are becoming richer, fuller and busier too. My diary for the year already has events and activities scheduled as far ahead as November and the next few weeks and months have barely a moment’s pause.

Imbolc is a great opportunity for taking a fresh look at our lives and setting goals that will take us to the next level of our chosen interests and activities. This is a brilliant to assess if we are really happy with our work, family, friendships, hobbies and for pagans, our spiritual path. My witchy journey is changing and I have more determination than ever to make a success of my writing career while spending more time with people who matter.

Magical HerbsIf you have a goal or aspiration you want to set this year, a charm bag is a good way to keep you focused as you carry it around with you. Fill with tiny charms and magical herbs to represent your wishes, write a simple chant to the Goddess, add white feathers for inspiration and light a white candle on your Imbolc altar. Ask spring Goddess Brighid to bless your charms and lend her power to your spell. Clearly visualise yourself reaching that goal and how good it makes you feel!

However you celebrate, may the season of Imbolc bring you new, amazing, incredible opportunities may Brighid’s blessings be with you!

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