Spring Time Blossoms – A Haiku

Spring Time Blossoms – A Haiku

Seeds planted spring forth.IMG_3259

Dreaming creates emergence

Blossoming results.


I do enjoy writing, both fiction and non-fiction, with some measure of success and for the most part, I’m starting to feel that I’ve acheived something significant with my writing. Unfortunately I can’t write poetry, or rather, I write poetry very badly (and therefore very rarely to save you poor souls the horror of reading it) however, I quite like Haiku and with only three lines, I can’t go far wrong. This one is about seeing my garden blooming with flowers I planted in the late autumn. As those beautiful spots of colour brighten my borders, so the seeds I have planted in my life are bearing fruit today and a joyful time is looming right ahead… Exciting things are coming and so this poem celebrates the synchronicity of my life and the natural cycles of autumnal planting and the burgeoning growth and success of spring, seeing things fall into place as they were destined to be. Following your heart, singing your soul and living your dreams can be difficult, a little frightening at times perhaps, but it is possible to make those dreams into your reality, to live it, sing it, enjoy it. Bright blessings for a happy spring time x


PS. Haiku consist of varied forms, most common is a three line stanza of five, seven, then five syllables.

My sister taught me this one when we were in our teens –

To express oneself

In seventeen syllables

Is very diffi….

And I also like this which was spoken in Sokka’s Haiku battle and featured in Avatar, The Last Airbender –

Five, seven then five

Syllables mark a haiku

Remarkable oaf!

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