Wild Women

Wild Women

Wild Women – a modern tale of ordinary women who are witches.

With a gran like Magda, village wise-woman and certified crone, life was never going to be easy for Sal Howard. When her estranged mother Jasmine turns up on the doorstep to escape an abusive relationship, there’s trouble on the cards.
Sal comforts her mother with hugs and sympathy and Magda makes tea with soothing herbs – but it’s Jasmine who finds herself in the midnight garden, weaving spells under the silver moon.

But this is real magic and real magic doesn’t always work out the way you want it to…

A lovely read. I really feel the connections between the characters, Magda seems to be a bit Nanny Ogg! Took away a few bits of witchy inspiration from this book, and gave me some ideas for my own practice, though I’m sure that wasn’t the intention.
The book made me laugh, smile, cry with happiness. Lots left unanswered for the next book.
Can’t wait for the sequel!

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