Indigo Forge – pagan silversmith and blacksmith creating unique, beautiful jewellery. Nadine Angela is an artist and metalworker with pagan values coming through in her delicate and elegant designs.

Save Witchfest! Witchfest International is a weekend full of informative talks by key note speakers and experts on a wide range of esoteric, occult, magical and pagan topics. Fantastic music, pagan shopping, workshops, kids activities, community, friendship – events like this are vital to our pagan community but without serious funding to cover costs, 2019 may be the last. Keep Witchfest going by donating here or support the event by shopping for your Yule gifts from the COA shop here. Thank you.

House of Kiya – website of Kevin Groves, pagan author, speaker, teacher and one of the nicest people you could meet.

Children of Artemis – pagan networking, news, awesome events, pagan shop and reading material including Witchcraft & Wicca magazine and Wild Women.

Pagan Federation for pagan networking, support, information and Pagan Dawn

Thoth Publications a wide range of pagan, magic and esoteric books and will soon be launching my new books The Witch’s Journey and Living Witchcraft.

Nisha Vyas-Myall  creative writer and lovely lady.

Nottingham Pagan Network where I spend my Wednesday’s at the end of each month.

Empyrean – pagan, esoteric, mystical speaker’s group in Nottingham. A nice environment with happy pagan types, I spend my Wednesday’s here at the beginning of each month, come and join us!

Five Leaves Book Shop Signing Event – Tuesday 5th December, please book in advance with Five Leaves Bookshop.

Workshops at The Mystic Moon – a series of four workshops, book one or more directly with The Mystic Moon, Nottingham’s favourite pagan supply store – pop in for a visit any time for a browse and a chat with the friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Wise Old Crow – I’m doing a talk on Sat 24th February 2018 at this lovely shop in Bude, Cornwall where I shop on holidays in the area.

*Please note all these links are places and people I genuinely adore and I’m not gaining anything by this, there are no paid for adverts on here at all, they are simply the places where I spend my time on the internet and people I want to support because they are ethical, magical, beautiful, creative and amazing!