Witchcraft Workshop Notes

Witchcraft Workshop Notes

Hi all and thank you so much for coming along to the workshop, really good to spend time with you all. As promised here’s a few notes for you to take from today’s session.

Elements –

Air – east – new beginnings, dreams, inspiration, starting things.

Fire – south – action, transformation, passion, ‘fire in your soul’

Water – west – emotions, balance, ebb & flow of the tide bringing things to you

Earth – north – manifestation, solidity, realisation of goals

Spirit – ether – the unknowable source that surrounds us, the web of wyrd/life

Sabbats –

Imbolc 1st February first of spring, emergence, rebirth, starting things

Ostara 21st March spring equinox – balance, growth, generation, planting things/planning

Beltane 1st May first of summer, love, happiness, the start of growing season

Summer Solstice 21st June, summer, warmth, growth, productivity

Lammas/Lughnasadh 1st August, first harvest/autumn,seeing the benefits of all you’ve done so far, reaping first seeds of success

Mabon, Autumn Equinox 21st September, harvest, reaping what you’ve sown, results coming to you

Samhain, 31st October/1st November, first of winter, dying off, decay, farewells, honouring our ancestors, letting go

Yule 21st December, winter solstice, sun’s rebirth, regeneration, farewell to winter, rebirth of a new year with the lighter days

Cleansing – Please cleanse using incense/sound/bells/aura sprays -yourself and your environment.

Afterwards give thanks to the deities and ground yourself with something to eat and drink

Candles for rejuvenating the aura – birthday cake candles as discussed are great fun to use and it doesn’t take long to do – sit comfortably and (carefully) place your hands near the candle to feel a slight warmth, let yourself be filled with this & transfer to all your chakra points in turn, fill the aura with it & visualse a boundary of the aura as a golden light to keep yourself protected and keep in your positive vibes throughout the day (as I demonstrated for you).

If you have any questions, do get in touch with me here, thank you once again for coming along, enjoy your Witch’s Journey!

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