Witches at War!

Witches at War!

Gerald Gardner was initiated into the witch cult in September 1939. And WWII broke out. That he and his fellow witches carried out a ritual in August of 1940 to counter the threat of imminent invasion by sea has been very sparsely documented.

Philip Heselton, respected author, researcher of Wiccan history, and biographer of prominent figures involved in the early years, had been thinking through the long decades of his research, that this powerful ritual at a time of historical importance would be suited to novelisation but felt he didn’t have the narrative skills to pull it off single-handedly. Having discussed the idea with him on several occasions, I was delighted to collaborate with him in this project and we have had an amazing time writing together. Operation Cone of Power (Fenix Flames Publishing 2023) has been well received and Philip and I were delighted to take the book on an official tour, with venues across the UK and dates throughout the year.

Three authors with smiling faces hold their books for display. They look happy!

On tour in the New Forest, pictured here with Vicky Bramshaw (right)

Operation Cone of Power

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