Most Haunted!

Most Haunted!

A spooky old courtroom, cells for the condemned and the Most Haunted cast!

Haunted Lift with Most Haunted Crew

Chris and I had a very interesting experience this year when we joined Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie and the crew of Most Haunted at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. We were introduced to Yvette and Karl, who were such lovely people and made sure they spent time with all of the guests, graciously indulging us with selfies and their kindness, sense of fun and genuine laughter and warmth was evident from the start. Yvette and Karl make a hilarious team! With an array of electronic goodies, pendulums and so forth, we set off in small teams to explore and hold vigils in various locations around the old jail house. There were bumps and bangs and whistles, there were cold spots and orbs. We had our favourite moment in the lift, where Yvette had had previously ghostly encounters with spectral residents. We took turns calling out the spirit Yvette told us was inhabiting the lift.

‘How many people are in here?’, was answered with seven thumps on the lift floor.

‘Stop the lift now!’ Brought the lift to halt between floors on command. Yes, I know, this can be faked, but I won’t have you shatter my illusion and spoil my fun as other, more convincing and chilling experiences at this event and in the past, have me utterly convinced the Galleries has genuine spirit activity going on.

Yvette and Karl and their knowledgeable crew put on an incredible evening and at times, in the dead of night with only a torch to illumine the dark, a tangible atmosphere of dread and doom laid heavily over us.

One other experience at the Galleries of Justice was on a previous occasion with Phil Whyman’s Dead Haunted team and on that night, Chris and I had a frightening glimpse of a death skull in a dark mirror in one of the cells. We have seen orbs, heard whistles and noises and recorded evp at the Galleries.

We lived to tell the tale, of course, and highly recommend the Galleries of Justice for an overnight ghost-watch, should you feel inclined to indulge your spooky senses.

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