Goddess Poppet Knitting Pattern

Goddess Poppet Knitting Pattern

poppetI have often downloaded knitting patterns for free from the internet and some of them have been superb. In return I’ve now done one of my own. I’ve been making these Goddess dolls for years – most of my female friends have one in their home somewhere. The idea behind the doll is to create a unique poppet that can be a representation of the Goddess for your altar – knitted in different colours and decorated for each season or to represent a particular Goddess.
They can also be used as spell working poppets – fill with herbs and crystals, embroider ogham, runes or other sigils on them or give them little accessories to represent your chosen wish. The Goddess poppet can be made with an appropriate mantra, each row knitted while holding your aim firmly in mind to add energy to the doll as you go along and then charge and consecrate it on your altar. They can be given as Yule gifts, made into a toy for a pagan child or knitted in a tiny size as a travelling doll to carry with you. I will be creating a booklet with ideas, spell workings and simple rituals for the poppet eventually. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy knitting the Goddess.

So – I’m really pleased to finally offer free of charge the pattern I’ve designed for my knitted Goddess poppet dolls. They are really easy with a just a few increases and decreases to provide shaping and should be suitable for novice knitters and experienced alike.

Goddess Poppet Pattern

Gauge not important providing that yarn thickness is proportionate to needle size.

Pattern is knit backwards and forwards on two needles.


  • RS – right side of work
  • WS – wrong side of work
  • M1 – make one stitch by picking up and knitting into the back of the loop between stitches.
  • K2tog – knit two stitches together
  • SLKPSSO – slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over
  • ST/ST – stocking stitch

Body and Head (make two)

Cast on 3 sts.

1st and every alternate row: Purl

2nd row: K1, M1, K1, M1, K1

4th row: K1, M1, K to last st, M1, K1

Increase as set to 15sts.

Work 9 rows of st/st.

Waist Shaping:

Continue working stocking stitch while decreasing one stitch at each of next two RS rows as follows:

*SLKPSSO, knit to last two sts, K2tog*. (11sts)

Next row: Purl

Next row (RS): K1, M1, k to last two sts, M1, K1 (13sts)

Work 7 rows st/st.


With RS facing, decrease for shoulders by repeating decrease row * twice until there are 9sts remaining.

Next row: K2tog twice, K1, K2tog twice.

Next row: Purl

Next row: Knit into front and back of every stitch (10sts)

Next row: Purl

Next row: K1, M1, knit to last st, M1, K1

Work 7 rows st/st

Next row with RS facing: K2tog six times.

Draw yarn through remaining 6 sts, pull tight.

Arms (make one)

C/O 38 sts

Work 10 rows st/st.

Cast off.

Make Up

Sew body pieces together stuffing lightly, stuff head and draw thread around outside of neck to pull in. Secure ends. Sew arms together across the long edge, stuff lightly, sew arm openings to shoulders of the body.

Decorate poppet as desired.


Pattern is copyright Moira Hodgkinson 2015

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