Celebrating Good News!

Celebrating Good News!

A quick announcement before I move on to Yule…

I have a new book coming out next year – The Witch’s Journey.

For anyone who is already on the path but needs extra guidance to go that little bit further and deeper in your witchy experiences. Shamanic style journeys, solar and lunar magic, male and female mysteries and rituals and recipes for the Wheel of the Year.
I have worked so hard to bring this new book together and it has really been worth it. I hope you enjoy it and I will update you as to when it’s due out.

Yule approaches, dear friends, and with it that chill in the air, the frost on the trees and the long, dark wintry nights. I enjoy all of the seasons for different reasons and in winter I love to see my warm breath making mist in the cold air, the glittery sparkle of ice and frost – spider webs and trees take on a whole new dimension with this natural glitter!

Winter solstice marks the end of one phase and the start of another and it’s a good time to reflect on the year. I have been blessed this year and I am truly grateful for the new friends, new places, new experiences and new ideas and opportunities that have come my way.

For Yule itself I will lead a large ceremony in Sherwood Forest – you’re very welcome to come so please get in touch for details. There will be a staged battle between the Oak King and the Holly King, a labyrinth laid out to walk, good wishes for new things to come next year and candles galore. Followed by food and drinks to share, families are welcome and I do hope there are many children – I think they add so much to the festivals, reminding us adults that it’s okay to have fun, to laugh and to run and play.

Yule is the winter solstice, the light of the sun returns to us a tiny bit sooner and the darkness is fading, giving way to growing light. As the light returns to us and grows, we plan and scheme and think ahead and let our dreams and goals grow too. Welcome in the shining sun on Yule morning with a candle or two if you can’t make it or give golden chocolate coins to represent the sun to the children in your life.

Bright Blessings for Yule, everyone, have a magical time.


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