Half Past Nine

Half Past Nine


Sam Glass steps off his bus at half past nine one Saturday morning to walk down a street lined with dead bodies, crashed cars and an eerie silence.
With his band of odd-ball survivors Sam has to face up to the grim reality of life in a world filled with weird noises, strange disappearances and a series of startling events that leave him terrified.

With nearly the entire population of the human race dead or missing, Sam Glass is left with no option but to team up with other survivors. Mindy is just seventeen, Helen raves about demons and Bob is an antagonistic intruder on Sam’s peace of mind. At least Kerrigan, an army man, has the practical skills they need to survive over the next few days.

But with another unsettling event in the first evening, Sam starts to fear what will happen next at half past nine.
The other survivors he finally meets have all had a rough time too. Karen Watson lives in fear of a mysterious vicar who is not all that he appears to be, while care assistant Freya has to put her kind nature aside and turn her hand to far more destructive measures if she wants to survive the first day.
With the decaying bodies of the dead all around them, Sam’s group try to figure out what went wrong – was it a virus, chemical warfare? Or could it have been something far more sinister and unexpected.
In the aftermath of global disaster there’s no way of finding out – all forms of communication are down and they really are on their own. ¬†With no hope of help and a series of unsettling events moving them on at every turn, Sam leads his group forward in an effort to find the answers.
He is not alone in wondering if the world will ever be normal again. What time is it?
It’s half past nine.


“Really gripping and action-packed. The tension rises with every page. Well written and ending on a cliffhanger…”


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