Wild Women – my debut novel

A modern tale of real women who are witches

With family, friendship and a gentle, guiding magic, Sal Howard’s easy life gets complicated when her estranged mother comes home to roost and causes mayhem while her gran roars off on new adventures.

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Half Past Nine – it’s a strange new world in this apocalyptic thriller as Sam Glass struggles to cope with life in a world where everyone he knew is dead and a series of unnatural events leaves him trembling in fear every twelve hours. What time is it? It’s Half Past Nine – find out more or buy now.


The Witching Path

An introduction to modern witchcraft including the cycles and seasons of the year, the natural elements of magic, spells, meditations, deity and more. Originally published by Capall Bann under my previous name, Moira Stirland. £10.95 plus £2.50 p&p

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The Witch’s Journey 

This long-awaited book is my follow-up to The Witching Path. The Witch’s Journey is for anyone who has some foundation knowledge and practical experience of witchcraft and is left wondering what comes next.

The Witch’s Journey looks at different ways of making magic, pathworking and journey work, deity and the wheel of the year. It includes chapters on male and female mysteries, healing therapies, solar magic and lunar magic, power animals and rituals for a wide range of occasions.

£12.99 (£2.50 p&p)

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Wild Women review on Goodreads 10.10.17

A lovely read. I really feel the connections between the characters, Magda seems to be a bit Nanny Ogg! Took away a few bits of witchy inspiration from this book, and gave me some ideas for my own practice, though I’m sure that wasn’t the intention. 
The book made me laugh, smile, cry with happiness. Lots left unanswered for the next book. 
Can’t wait for the sequel!

The Witching Path – review on amazon 27.9.14

One of the biggest problems with those new to Wicca, paganism or the Craft of the Wise, is finding out how to get started. This book is written by a practicing eclectic witch from the perspective that when she embarked on the crooked path, there were very few texts to guide her journey. I recommend this book to those new to the Arte, as Moira answers most common questions in a clear and inspirational manner. A good book for the beginner and I recommend it highly.

The Irizinium Priestess – review on Smashwords Oct. 10, 2013 :  
I thought this story was ‘fresh’. Pure emotion. I couldn’t relate it to anything I’d seen or read before. I read it twice in succession and hungered for more. Definitely gives you a ‘thrill’.