Blue Spirit Doll

Perfect for water elemental magic, reminiscent of waves, oceans and rivers. £7.99 incl p&p.

Green-Turquoise Goddess Poppet

Goddess poppets are used for altar decoration, spell casting, healing rituals and more. £8.99 incl p&p

Wild Women

With a gran like Magda, village wise-woman and certified crone, life was never going to be easy for Sal Howard. When her estranged mother, Jasmine, turns up on the doorstep to escape an abusive relationship, there’s trouble on the cards. Sal comforts her mother with hugs and sympathy and Magda makes tea with soothing herbs – but it’s Jasmine who finds herself in the midnight garden, weaving spells under the silver moon.

But this is real magic and real magic doesn’t always work out the way you want it to …

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The Witch’s Journey

Drawing on 25 years experience and practice, the author celebrates the God and Goddess and the pagan ways of a living, everyday witchcraft. There are ceremonies, invocations, journey work, rites of passage and spell craft. Explore healing and divination, sun and moon magic and how to celebrate the Sabbats.

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The Folklore and Magic of Dolls

From the elaborately carved foliate faces found in churches to the mass-produced fashion dolls of childhood, dolls have been part of our world throughout history and across the globe. This inspiring book looks at stories, legends and folklore of magical dolls. Along with directions and patterns to create unique dolls for spell-craft or as temple icons, this book teems with inspiration and ideas to create a world of playful magic for any purpose. Conjure up poppets for protection or make a green man to adorn the sacred altar!

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