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Sam Glass is your perfect Mister Average at half past nine when the world grinds to a sudden halt and the people around him lie dead in the streets. There’s no coming back from this, there’s nobody left to help. There’s only one thing left he can possibly do.

Sam Glass must become the hero, the leader, the one who takes charge because nobody else is going to step up. With only a dog called Dave and a handful of survivors for company, Sam investigates the lights, the orbs, the strange noises and the body-fields.

He has to be quick, because in another twelve hours it will happen again and the birds falling from the sky have disappeared. Things are strange, things are frightening and Sam knows this is only the beginning of the nightmare…

What time is it? It’s Half Past Nine!


Seeds planted spring forth.IMG_3259

Dreaming creates emergence

Blossoming results.


I do enjoy writing, both fiction and non-fiction, with some measure of success and for the most part, I’m starting to feel that I’ve acheived something significant with my writing. Unfortunately I can’t write poetry, or rather, I write poetry very badly (and therefore very rarely to save you poor souls the horror of reading it) however, I quite like Haiku and with only three lines, I can’t go far wrong. This one is about seeing my garden blooming with flowers I planted in the late autumn. As those beautiful spots of colour brighten my borders, so the seeds I have planted in my life are bearing fruit today and a joyful time is looming right ahead… Exciting things are coming and so this poem celebrates the synchronicity of my life and the natural cycles of autumnal planting and the burgeoning growth and success of spring, seeing things fall into place as they were destined to be. Following your heart, singing your soul and living your dreams can be difficult, a little frightening at times perhaps, but it is possible to make those dreams into your reality, to live it, sing it, enjoy it. Bright blessings for a happy spring time x


PS. Haiku consist of varied forms, most common is a three line stanza of five, seven, then five syllables.

My sister taught me this one when we were in our teens –

To express oneself

In seventeen syllables

Is very diffi….

And I also like this which was spoken in Sokka’s Haiku battle and featured in Avatar, The Last Airbender –

Five, seven then five

Syllables mark a haiku

Remarkable oaf!

   Wake from the slumberImbolc Frost of winter, shuck off the darkness and come back to life with the rest of nature. We see so many signs of life all around us: from the shoots sprouting on my Japanese Maple to the lighter mornings that make getting up for work a little brighter and better each day.

The chilling cold air and frost-laden ground of early spring herald the revival of life and with it, our own lives are becoming richer, fuller and busier too. My diary for the year already has events and activities scheduled as far ahead as November and the next few weeks and months have barely a moment’s pause. More »

Witchfest – 26th November 2016, Brighton.

Leaving work at noon and having to quickly dye my hair before setting off for Brighton at two left me feeling rather rushed but thankfully my driver, the ever-obliging Mr H, was happy to take charge of the journey so I could relax for the next couple of hours. I also spent some time fretting, if I’m honest. I’ve been doing talks, large-scale rituals and workshops on witchy subjects for around twenty years across the country including things like Pagan Pride, Pagan Federation conferences, summer camps and the Artemis Gathering, this would be my first time as a speaker at Witchfest.

Mr H and I got settled into our little B&B then headed to the Marlborough Theatre for an evening performance of Doreen – An English Witch. The cast were just marvellous and the play itself a joy to watch. Mr H has less of an interest in these matters than I but he too thoroughly enjoyed the play. The script, the cosy atmosphere and the actors all gave justice to the life and times of Doreen and I am not ashamed to say I cried at the final scene.

The following morning, we arrived at Witchfest only after I had checked for the twentieth time that I had the notes for my talk and a box of my books to sign. The Dagda, as always, did a great job of ushering everyone around the staggeringly large venue and as a speaker, we didn’t need to queue up, although we did stay outside with the crowds until Rumpledrumskin had finished their set in front of the entrance. They set the tone of the day for me with their upbeat energy. The Brighton Centre proved to be the perfect place for Witchfest, light and airy with enough space for the fantastic market and plenty of speakers and workshops. Catering was over-priced but we knew it would be, so had come prepared with a few snacks. The main foyer of the centre was home for the day to the community stands where I caught up, albeit far too briefly, with Sarah, Ashley and Sophia from the CFPS and Caz and Esme of Pagan Pride. The stalls were tucked away towards the back a little though, along with an independent veggie/vegan catering stand. We did wonder if perhaps they might have been more visible further forwards. I caught up with a few friends in the main auditorium for a bit.

Very kindly, Philip Heselton signed a copy of his book for me as a gift for a friend. He’s nice like that!

More »

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A spooky old courtroom, cells for the condemned and the Most Haunted cast!

Haunted Lift with Most Haunted Crew

Chris and I had a very interesting experience this year when we joined Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie and the crew of Most Haunted at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. We were introduced to Yvette and Karl, who were such lovely people and made sure they spent time with all of the guests, graciously indulging us with selfies and their kindness, sense of fun and genuine laughter and warmth was evident from the start. Yvette and Karl make a hilarious team! With an array of electronic goodies, pendulums and so forth, we set off in small teams to explore and hold vigils in various locations around the old jail house. There were bumps and bangs and whistles, there were cold spots and orbs. We had our favourite moment in the lift, where Yvette had had previously ghostly encounters with spectral residents. We took turns calling out the spirit Yvette told us was inhabiting the lift.

‘How many people are in here?’, was answered with seven thumps on the lift floor.

‘Stop the lift now!’ Brought the lift to halt between floors on command. Yes, I know, this can be faked, but I won’t have you shatter my illusion and spoil my fun as other, more convincing and chilling experiences at this event and in the past, have me utterly convinced the Galleries has genuine spirit activity going on.

Yvette and Karl and their knowledgeable crew put on an incredible evening and at times, in the dead of night with only a torch to illumine the dark, a tangible atmosphere of dread and doom laid heavily over us.

One other experience at the Galleries of Justice was on a previous occasion with Phil Whyman’s Dead Haunted team and on that night, Chris and I had a frightening glimpse of a death skull in a dark mirror in one of the cells. We have seen orbs, heard whistles and noises and recorded evp at the Galleries.

We lived to tell the tale, of course, and highly recommend the Galleries of Justice for an overnight ghost-watch, should you feel inclined to indulge your spooky senses.

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The Witching Path

I have managed to get hold of new copies of my first book so signed copies are once again available. Signed copies only available from me directly.   £13.75 including UK P&P

Paypal/buy buttons coming soon for the website, for now please email me: moiraATaquietspace.org

Well thought out and full of practical magic and sound sense, we are delighted to add this book to our range. Moira says “Your own imagination, inspiration and belief are the only things you truly need to practice magic”. We think this book will add to and enhance the experiences of anyone following, or wanting to follow, the way of the witch.

Amazon Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 starsThe work of a Jazz Witch!

By Gordon on 27 Oct. 2014
One of the biggest problems with those new to Wicca, paganism or the Craft of the Wise, is finding out how to get started. This book is written by a practicing eclectic witch from the perspective that when she embarked on the crooked path, there were very few texts to guide her journey. I recommend this book to those new to the Arte, as Moira answers most common questions in a clear and inspirational manner. A good book for the beginner and I recommend it highly.
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After receiving my first deck of cards at sixteen and learning the ropes, I went on to read professionally which I’ve now been doing for around 25 years. All readings are in strict confidence.

Private readings available at my home close to Sherwood Forest or at your own home within reasonable travelling distance from there. £20 at Chez Hodge or £25 at your own home.

Bring a Friend – two bookings for £35 if you want to come with a friend (at my home only)

Email readings include photo shots of the card layout and written description of the reading £15

Tarot Party readings for larger groups of 5-10 people at your chosen venue. £17 per person, £45 non-refundable deposit in advance for ALL party bookings.

Please email me for details: moiraATaquietspace.org

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img_3752Yule celebration and ritual
Open Ritual – yourself, your children, dog/cat/friend/grannie included
Bring … drums, candles, incense, wellies, picnic, rugs, chairs, food and drink to share, chants, poems for the season…
Expect – an interactive ritual, mead, labyrinth, feasting and friendship
Cost – Ritual is completely free but 50p donations to my costs are very welcome to ensure I can keep on doing this.
Dress – whatever you like, robes, fancy dress, jeans,raincoat, gloves
Meet at 2pm on time at Budby, Swinecote Road, B6034 largest layby (see map), short walk over slightly rough terrain to usual ritual site from the road. If I’m not there, wrong place..
Raining? Ritual will take place in rain or shine so bring wellies, warm coats or and will be dark by the end so you may want a torch,
Come along and have fun, we have always had good time at these rituals with laughter, drumming, chanting and feasting!
If you have a question, please read again as I think I’ve included everything, on the day I don’t get a phone signal in the woods.
No wheel chair access due to it being a country location, really sorry, but previously been out of pocket hiring suitable venues.
No fires or fire pits, candles and incense welcome.
Bring a carrier bag to tidy up with, take your rubbish home.
LIFT SHARE: If you can offer or would like a lift, please organise AMONG YOURSELVES on ONE Facebook post which will be pinned. Map to meeting is point on facebook.
If you have a question, please read again as I think I’ve included everything, on the day I don’t get a phone signal in the woods and will not see fb much either so please check in plenty of time.

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This year I’ve been invited to give a talk and have a book signing session at the amazing Witchfest International.
I will be speaking on the subject of Independent Witchcraft –
Exploring how independent, eclectic witches can develop covens or solitary practice complete with initiations and training. Ritual, magic, path-working, dancing, drumming, tears and laughter – it’s all there waiting for you! Independent witchcraft is for anyone who can’t find or doesn’t want to follow the Wiccan route – come out of the broom cupboard and play.
Witchfest International, 2016
Saturday November 26th, Brighton

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A practical introduction to witchcraft spell working,- find out how to work spells in a witches circle using natural energy to create powerful healing, candle magic, charm bags and talismans.

Saturday 12th November 1.00 pm till 3.30pm
Advance bookings £13 phone Spirit Gifts to Book: 01623 237600
Venue: Spirit Gifts, Tuxford Road, Ollerton (Notts)