Hi all and thank you so much for coming along to the workshop, really good to spend time with you all. As promised here’s a few notes for you to take from today’s session. More »

The Witching Path, my first published book, was launched in 2007 with as much fanfare and publicity as a glass of flat lemonade at your grandmother’s 85th birthday party. The book sold fairly well for a debut from an unknown author and I had a run of feature articles in prestigious, glossy new age magazines following that over the next few years and then… nothing. My circumstances changed dramatically and neither time nor situation allowed me to do much in the way of writing for some time.

Now I have had two new books released in the space of five weeks. I’m swamped with congratulations – and with people telling me how ‘lucky’ I am.

Oh no. Lucky? I wish! But luck had nothing at all to do with it. More »

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The Artemis Gathering is an amazing Pagan camp held over a long weekend on the 10th – 13th August. There are talks, workshops, live bands, Fire performers, an awesome Fire Sculpture, a late night rock club, the Artemis bar, and the ever popular Artemis Cafe. Once you have setup your tent you can relax as everything you need is here with food, drink entertainment and a packed schedule of events the whole weekend.

Moira Hodgkinson will be one of the speakers over the weekend, details of talks to be confirmed.

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After a very successful three year run, the Staffordshire Pagan Conference will become the brand new Witchfest Midlands.

Featuring talks, workshops, esoteric market, live music and entertainment there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

Wiccan author Moira Hodgkinson presents an interactive talk on ‘Elemental Magic’ – working creatively with the elements for magical purposes and will have a book signing session.

If you have questions about this event you can contact the main organiser at elric@witchcraft.org Please note that the event is now sold out, which means no more tickets are available and there will be no tickets for sale on the door!

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Celebrate Beltane with three days of camping in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside.   Spirit of the Marsh is a family gathering that aims to keep ancient traditions alive.

Moira will be leading a workshop over the course of the weekend

Magical Energy Work for Spell Craft – working with magical energies to
create unique spells for your circumstances and energy working
techniques to give it the best chances of success

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Come along to Wise Old Crow for an afternoon with the talented Moira Hodgkinson talking witchcraft combined with a book signing.

Moira will be talking about what is means to be a witch, how we bring the craft into our everyday lives to help ourselves and others.

Moira Hodgkinson is an eclectic witch and author with around 30 years’ experience. She runs open celebrations for the Sabbats in the heart of Sherwood Forest and has been leading workshops and classes for over fifteen years.

Moira will be bringing a few of her books for you to purchase a signed copy on the day

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Creative visualisation to meet the archetypal elementals of witchcraft. Learn about grounding, cleanse the aura, open the chakras, set up the inner temple or place of power and venture into journey worlds to connect deeply to the elementals of witchcraft. Pathworking can be a powerful tool to enhance your spiritual development.

The workshop is Approximately 3 hours long

1.15pm- 4.15pm

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A practical workshop working with Earth, Air, Fire and Water – how to use them in circle for spells and blessings. Will include elemental pathworking and practical crafts to enhance your witchcraft practice. With witch author Moira Hodgkinson.

The workshop is Approximately 3 hours long

1.15pm- 4.15pm

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Exploring the realms of the Otherworld’s through sacred trance journeys. Learn how to create a sacred space in the other realms and set up your inner temple for trance journey. Find out how to connect with the Pagan Goddess and God in trance, meet with your guides and the ancestors and connect with the elemental beings. There will be guided and non-guided journeys for you to enjoy and take away the skills to create your own journeys in the Otherworld’s.

The workshop is Approximately 3 hours long
1.15pm- 4.15pm

The Witch’s Journey book will available to purchase on the day along with Moira’s other books.

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Moira is a pagan author living locally. Her debut novel being launched at the UK’s largest pagan event, Witchfest. Wild Women is one of the first books of its kind, featuring realistic pagan and wiccan practice as three generations of women in an ordinary family overcome their daily struggles with a quiet, gentle magic. She will also be talking about her new non-fiction book Witch’s Journey, which is a guide to foundation witchcraft religion in theory and practice.
Moira is a regular contributor to Witchcraft & Wicca magazine She appears at at pagan festivals throughout the year.
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An introduction to witchcraft ritual covering how to plan a ritual for solitary or small group practice. How to set up a sacred space, invoking the elements, calling deities into the circle, creating a ritual with a specific focus, rituals for the sabbats or special occasions and incorporating spells, charging tools and consecrations.